Women authentically connecting to create change across the community

The modern woman is an enlightened consumer who makes savvy choices based on her perception of the world. Her ethical beliefs. Her drive for a stronger life. Her voice.

When she believes in a product she will advocate for it socially, and it will be loud.

Founded by award-winning Australian female entrepreneur Fi Bendall and driven by her passion to empower others, The Female Social Network (TFSN) brings together the leading female-focused business, parenting and lifestyle networks from Australia, the UK and the US as a collective entity to strengthen the relationships between brands and the end consumer.

TFSN acts as a gatekeeper and facilitator to this highly engaged community of women, allowing unprecedented access to effective opinion leaders (EOLs) who can drive conversations and influence peers. They use the power of their influence to build credibility, visibility and positive brand endorsement, resulting in a ‘WOM army’ capable of providing an exponential increase in brand awareness. These women drive active recommendation and organic word of mouth for brands.

Based on the insights of consumer psychology and behavioural economics, TFSN’s platform utilises our unique IP and data science to identify EOLs for engagement, influence and recommendation. Through strategic evaluation and deployment, brands can engage with their markets via any number of opportunities:

  • Live Q&A’s on social media with Ambassadors
  • Polls, surveys and buying behaviour investigations
  • Digital programming shared across social media channels
  • Workshop and event sponsorships
  • Educational support

Fi Bendall founded TFSN because she believes economic empowerment makes women and communities stronger and healthier. One of her primary aims in starting TFSN is to help individual women and female-focused networks aggregate and leverage their power and resources so as to create better economic outcomes for women. TFSN supports fairness and financial equity for all women.

TFSN is a unique platform for women, by women, empowering women. Fi’s vision is to build the largest social movement of women in the world.